Friday, October 05, 2018

10 Valuable Things Every Writer Needs to Know

If you're feeling unsure about your writing, you're not alone.

Here are 10 valuable things every writer needs to know:

1. Take Heed the Sentimental Haze

Don't get caught up in the fluffy words, vowels, and sibilants, it won't withstand the rigours of everyday.

2. Wipe Out Self-Doubt

Nobody likes hearing from a self-doubter, people want to feel, hear, and taste your words. 

3. Always Give Your Readers the Truth

Listen to your inner voice and what it tells you, and your writing will flow naturally.

4.  Pay Attention to All Advice and Criticism

Advice can be hard to take.  As a writer you're more open to all kinds of criticism, showing you, your flaws, and mistakes.  Accepting criticism, and taking it onboard, is the first step to being a better writer.

5. Don't Be Too Concerned About Your Mistakes

You learn from your mistakes, and we all make them.

6.  Recognize Your Audience

This is about knowing yourself and your audience.

7. Family and Friends Aren't Your Real Audience

You're better off joining a local writer's club than listening to your own family.

8.  Read As Much As You Can

It doesn't matter what you get your hands on, read it!  By reading things no one else reads, you'll discover things no one else has found.

9.  Communicate and Observe as Much as Possible

Observe the world around you, and learn to communicate more simply with your readers.

10.  So Why Do I Want To Write?

Yes, why am I writing?  People usually write because they're passionate about something, and want to tell the world about it.

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