Friday, August 31, 2018

The Benefit's of Touch Typing for Writer's

If you're the proud owner of a PC or laptop or and love writing books, articles, blog posts etc. but find it laborious and slow because you're not a touch typist.Then this blog post is for you.

How can we can we make typing more fun and efficient?

We learn how to touch type!

So What is Touch Typing?

Touch typing also called touch type or touch keyboarding is typing without seeing, or using your eyes to see the keyboard. 

That is to say that a touch typist knows the location of all of the keys through muscle memory.  The typist places eight fingers on a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard (or the home row) and is able to reach the other keys and know them by heart. 

The two-finger tapper will spend twice as long if not longer on typing, whereas a touch typist will glide through their work without batting an eyelid.

So What Can You Do as a Touch Typist?

Time Saver

It's pretty obvious, you type faster!  Once you learn how to touch type you can learn how to increase your typing speed. 

It all depends on how much time you spend on practising and building your typing speed.

You Make Less Errors

It's a lot easier to type out regular documents such as blog posts, articles and even books when you don't make as many mistakes as you would as a two-finger tapper.

Keep Your Mind on the Job

You can think more clearly when you touch type, it's also a lot like audio typing.  Audio typing is used when a typist listens to a piece of audio and types it out as it's being spoken through headphones.  With touch typing you can put your thoughts directly onto paper without having to look at notes you've written out.

You Can Type in Comfort

You don't need to be sitting at your desk while you type, you could be perched on your bed or even in the comfort of your living room.  As long as your keyboard is resting firmly in a comfortable position for you to type.

So what have we learnt so far about touch typing?
  1. You can be fast and efficient in less time.
  2. You make less errors when you type.
  3. You can do it comfortably in your living room or bedroom.
How Can I Learn Touch Typing Online?

There are numerous websites and courses you can take to start learning how to touch type.  Here are some well-known online courses:

Learn Touch Typing and achieve up to 60WPM in 4 Days minimum

Touch Typing Techniques - Learn how to type fast

Typing 101: Typing Course Basics & Improve Your Typing Speed

Once you start learning and spend time practising your typing speed will start to pick up.  You'll be able to produce more articles, blog posts and books because your able to create more in twice the time you use to.

My Typing Story

I started learning how to touch type way back in the 90's.  I did a legal secretarial course which involved typing on an electronic typewriter, and also involved audio typing on an electronic typewriter and word processing. I learnt through work experience every week, going into various solicitor's offices, mastering just how hard it was to use an electronic typewriter.  Carbon copies were a real pain.

It was laborious work back then, but I got through it.  Fortunately I've always been a pretty accurate typist, not a hugely fast typist, but accurate.  This enables me to produce even more blog posts and books.

Laptops and PC's make writing production even faster, with spelling and grammar check integrated in most software it makes things so much easier.

Some Interesting Facts About Typing
  • Frank Edward McGurrin, Court Stenographer first started typing Classes in 1888.
  • Barbara Blackburn could type 150 wpm, she could type without stopping for 50 minutes at this speed.
  • Most typists type at a speed of 41 wpm with around 92% accuracy.
  • People under the age of 18 type faster than older adults.
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