Monday, July 09, 2018

3 Great Reasons to Use Fotor

Why You Need Eye Catching Images on Your Blog

An integral part of blogging is branding, creating images that people will directly connect with your blog or website.

Using images on your social media is a key part of branding and helps engage your audience potentially reaching thousands of new readers every day.

If you're already on social media you'll notice the thousands of graphics, images and videos that pass through everyday.

Some are more noticeable than others.  Every blog post requires at least one image to stand-out and rise to the top of the pile on social media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram.

1. How Can I Use Fotor to Create Images?

Fotor is an image editing application with lots of different special effects, editing, and retouching tools.  But what I really love about Fotor is the fact you can create your own image from scratch with very little to no knowledge of photo editing.  Fotor is a free to use but does also offers a Premium version which gives you even more options and effects such as watermarking and cloud storage for  your photos and images.

Use Fotor to Upgrade Your Blog Images

The success of your blog depends upon not only how it sounds but also how it looks.  There bloggers such as The Minimalists who really do go with a more utilitarian approach which works for them, and at the other end of the spectrum you have The Write Life who use a single bold colour to create their brand from.

Go Easy On Your Use of Colour

Less is definitely more when it comes to using colours.  If you can work within a particular colour pallet that's even better it can really enhance the overall appearance of your blog.

Keep to the Purpose

Clickbait is everywhere online seeking to draw your attention away, and misleading you deliberately, choose images that are relevant to your subject matter.

Personalise It

Customising images and including them in your blog posts will improve your readership and production values.

2. Use Fotor to Grow Your Twitter Following

The maths is pretty simple when it comes to how many followers you have, the more of the right kind of people you have following you the better.  Meaning the way you present yourself is of great importance, let's face it losing people is a doddle but keeping them is a different ball game altogether.  Here are some tips for you to start building your following on Twitter:

First Impressions Count - Create a professional cover photo a profile, this is the first impression everyone will have of you, and its really important you make a good one.  If you can use your blog colours or business branding in the banner even better.

Create Meaningful Content - If you're already a blogger chances are you doing it already.  According to research there are two different kinds of Twitter users the "Meformers" and the "Informers.

  • "Meinformers" tell the whole world about the daily goings in their lives, such as parties, holidays etc.
  • "Informers"are bloggers just like you who want to inform the world about products, books, who want to pass on valuable information to their readers.

Make Conversation - Add a question or topic your followers are interested in, something they can interact with.

Follow Like-Minded Profiles - Following other people is really important for engagement online, it allows you to retweet and interact with your audience.

Tweeting and Retweeting Is Important.  The more information you send out the more you'll get back.

Here are some interesting Tweeting facts:
  • 1-1,000 tweets has 51-100 followers
  • More than 10,000 you have 1,000 to 5,000 followers
  • If you're reaching 15,000 you'll have between 100,001 to 1 million
People like it when you retweet :)

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for people to search for certain tweets so use the relevant and get hashtagging!

Build Your Cross-Referencing

Make sure you have links on all of your social media and not just Twitter, but links to your website your eBooks.  Make it easy for people to find you whichever platform their using.

3. Use Fotor to Design Your Book Covers

A really good book cover can gain a lot of sales and downloads at first glance.  It's really difficult to design a book cover that will stand out but something you can create yourself for free.

Keep It Simple

The more elaborate the book cover the less chance it has of making an impact on the buyer.  Stick to simple colours and fonts when creating your book cover.

Make Sure Your Book Cover Accommodates Your Chosen Genre

Do your own research, even better, look at what other authors have on their book covers.

Keep Your Book Cover Colour's Simple

A professional book cover designer would only choose two to three colour choices.

Imagine Your Book Cover Small

Envisage your book cover smaller and ask yourself does my book cover stand out?  If your book cover looks amazing small,  think about what it will look like full size.

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