Thursday, June 07, 2018

What Writers Need to Know About KDP Select

What is Kindle Select?

KDP Select is an exclusive option for all Kindle authors on Amazon.  The KDP Select program gives all authors the opportunity to reach all Amazon customers, and have their book put into the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Lending Library which allows customers to download your e-books, giving you extra royalties.  You become eligible for 70% royalties in India, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

These royalties from Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL) and Kindle Unlimited (KU).  Every Amazon author has the use of these promotional tools which include Kindle Countdown Deal or Free Book Promotion.

  • Kindle Countdown Deal allows you to promote your e-book for an allotted time at a special discount.
  • Free e-book promotion means your readers can get a free copy of your e-book for up to 5 days every 90 days.

What Do I Get When Someone Downloads My E-Book for Free?

You don't get paid any royalties for free downloads, but your e-book does get more exposure thanks to Amazon's algorithm.

More Exposure = More Royalties

This knock-on effect will also help sales of your paperback or audio books.  The more people download your e-book the higher your ranking will be.

That's why it's important to have an author platform, such as a blog, to let your readers know where they can buy your eBook's or paperback book's.

How Can I Earn from the Kindle Lending Library?

All Amazon Prime members can borrow from the Kindle Owners' Lending library and every month  authors using KDP Select get a share of the Global Fund.

What is the Global Fund?

Amazon puts aside money for authors who have opted to be in the Global Fund.  For example in April 2018 that total was $21.2 million.  Best selling authors get their share from the $21.2 million Global Fund.  The rest of the author's will get their royalties depending upon how many pages have been read from their e-books.

Often that means that a borrow can be more than someone purchasing your e-book.  So it's a win win situation for a first-time author's.

The Only Problem with KDP Select

The problem with Kindle Select is that it doesn't allow you to upload your e-bBook to another retailer when you're signed up for KDP Select.  Kindle has total exclusivity over your e-book during this time. 

So Is Kindle Select Really Worth It?

Speaking from experience, yes it's definitely worth your time to use this self-publishing tool to sell your e-book's.

I can say this because I had my first paperback sale through Amazon, and this wouldn't have happened had I not used KDP Select.

This is What You'll Get When You Use Kindle Select:

1. Over 20 million eyeballs from Amazon Prime members looking at the Kindle Lending Library.

2. Five free promotional days every 90 days to give your book away, this will push your name up the bestseller list on Amazon.

3. You can use the Countdown Deal to lower your e-book for a period, then bring it back to it's normal selling price, again this gives you scope for more sales.

In Conclusion

As a writer I'm still learning about the best ways to sell my books but Amazon has always been my primary retailer for selling my books.

What I would say to any new author out there is to give it a go.  Create your e-book and put it on Amazon, use there selling tools, and if things don't work out for you try a different retailer.  But do try!  Nothing ventured nothing gained!

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