Monday, May 28, 2018

12 Amazing Online Classes for Writers

It's time to get savvy.

No one said blogging was going to be easy.

Communicating from your heart is a skill in itself.

Blogging is about giving something real and capturing the attention of your followers.

Even if you're the best at what you do, but you have no blog, you're invisible.  Having an impecable web presence is essential, and that's what you'll discover with courses provided below.

Real life success requires strategy, acumen, method and ability.

Keeping your fingers crossed and praying for an audience is not a strategy!


There are numerous courses on Udemy to examine in a short blog post like this.  The virtual class system is a much used system to guide students for remote learning on many subjects.  It's very similar to other online classrooms mentioned below including CreativeLive and SkillShare.  With more emphasis on enrichment than accreditation Udemy offers no transferable college credit.

One of the charms of Udemy is the amount of classes it offers.  With such an extensive library of online classes it beats all of the sources mentioned in this blog post.  For this reason Udemy students can learn :

  1. Punctuation Mastery
  2. Ninja Writing
  3. Writing Short Stories
  4. CreateSpace Self-Publishing
  5. Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer 
  6. Proofreading Power Basics

You can learn from the best Industry Professionals, and can discover through each class's course description and brief biography of his or her qualifications for teaching.  By clicking the icon you get an abridged description by the instructor of what will be covered in each class.

All classes feature feedback, readings and, assignments.  Instructors include audio and written material.  Single classes cost $13.99, students enrolling in multiple classes receive discounts, $12.99 per course for two courses or $9.99 for more than three courses.


CreativeLive is the Seattle based company that broadcasts workshops for free like TV except it's all about learning.

Many of their speakers are best selling leaders in the industry, from photography to writing.

You can either watch what is currently being broadcast or buy the classes and watch in your own time.

I'm currently watching Jeff Goins Starving to Successful.  Here are more courses to blog your way to freedom:

  1. Overcome Writer's Block
  2. Copywriting for Crafters
  3. Self-Publishing for the Entrepreneur
  4. Proofreading Your Own Work
  5. Writing Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done 
  6. Effective Email and Newsletter Marketing

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