Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 Excellent Reasons Why Every Writer Should Write an Ebook

As alarming as it might sound writing an Ebook does make really good business sense.  Clients and readers will come more readily when you become published.

Let's investigate further.

Writing isn't just about blogging, but having your name printed on the front of a paper back and being able to say "I wrote this", this is because many people still believe that being a real writer means publishing a book.

The world is full of  writers of all kinds, each one pursuing their own dream.  

If this is starting to sound like you then you need to continue reading.  You'll discover by the end of this article how you can make that writing dream a reality.

So what's stopping you from writing that book?

(If really good reasons are in short supply then get a pen and paper and start your book right now).
It's all too easy to let fear get in the way and your dream be put on the shelf.  The quintessential paperback consists of around 80,000 words.  That's a lot of writing, but definitely not impossible.  Are you afraid that you're writing skills won't be up to scratch?  There are plenty of bestselling writer's out there that struggle with grammar and punctuation.

These and many more reasons can stop you from writing your first book.  Thankfully there's another way.

Most writer's these days write ebooks.  Here's a list of why ebooks are good for all writer's:

1. Choose a subject you're interested in and become an expert.  Your subject could be work related or something you enjoy doing in your free time.  When you share your knowledge you can help other people and build your reputation at the same time.  Writing an eBook will increase your credibility in your chosen niche.

2. Once it's written it's there for keeps.  When your eBook is published it will be earning for you indefinitely.  It may require tweaking every once in a while just to keep it up-to-date but the hard work has been done so you can watch your passive income roll in.

3. Use it as a sign up tool.  Giving your eBook away for free may sound crazy because you're not making any income from it, but if you're just starting out it's a great incentive for people to sign up to your mailing list.

4. Creating and publishing was easy.  Marketing your eBook is where things get tough.  Use blogging as your platform to market your eBook.

5. Ebook's are everywhere.  People of every age group have access to a device, whether it be a mobile phone or Ipad.  In 2014 $5 billion of Kindle Devices were sold according to Morgan Stanley.

6. It will increase your authority online.  The more exposure you have the more trust you'll have with your reader's , exposure builds credibility.  Becoming an author will you take you to the next level.

7. Most ebooks are short.  If you take a look at the length of many ebooks on Amazon you'll soon discover they all vary in length from 20 pages to 55,000 words.  Try writing a couple of pages a day and you'll have an ebook ready in a month.

8. It doesn't have to be your magnum opus.  You'll never write with that thought in your head.  Remember you're writing to the best of your ability and not anyone else's.

9. You don't need a publisher.  You can edit and proofread your own ebook.  You don't need to pay for a editor to do it.  There is plenty of information to look at online if you're not sure about editing and formatting your ebook correctly.

10. Your ebook will be the start of extra income.  That's right you'll start earning royalties for each copy sold.  This could be a royalty of up to 70% if you start selling your book on Amazon.  For every $5 copy you sell you earn $3.50 for each copy sold.  Your royalties are much higher than a traditional publishing house.

Non-fiction books are great marketing tools if you already have a blog.

Helping to solve a problem is a good place to start selling books.  Drawing from personal experience is even better.

Start making notes about experiences you've had.  It could be:
  • How you solved a financial problem.
  • How you started growing your own vegetables.
  • Life after a divorce.
  • How you cope with stress.
Scribble down as many ideas as you can think of.

The next step is remembering how you overcame those problems, what tools you used and action you took.  Go into as much detail as you can.  Don't leave anything out even if you think it might be too boring.

Now that you've generated lot's of ideas you need to pick one!  That's how simple it is.

If you want to write an ebook in 30 days check out my article Write an Ebook in 30 Days and Finish it With this Guide.

Now you know where to start!  Happy writing.