Friday, March 02, 2018

Advantages of Attracting Guest Authors to Your Blog

Blog post updated 07/07/2019.

Blogging has become an integral part of most companies on the internet today.  Many larger companies relying on outside help from writers, to do the large part of their content.

By inviting guest writers to your blog you are able to tap into some huge benefits.

Here are 5 advantages of attracting guest authors to your blog.

1. Build Your Blogging Reputation

Google PageRank is established on bloggers verifying each others reputations.  Providing your guest bloggers have good credentials, your reputation should also start to steadily grow within the community.

2. Finding an Accomplished Expert in Your Field

It does your blog no harm if you find someone with more knowledge or experience than you have.  It also gives your audience a fresh perspective on your chosen subject.

3. Give Your Writing a Break Every Once in a While

Writrer's block can follow pretty quickly, if you're life and passion revolves around the written word.  By allowing other bloggers to post every now and the, gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, and get your thoughts together for new blog posts. 

4.  Stops Tunnel Vision

When you start writing regular blog posts, often you get stuck in a rut.  Giving someone else the reins allows you to see things from a different perspective and a different point of view.

5. More Opportunities

By opening the door to guest authors you may even return the favour by guest posting on their blog.  This opens the door for opportunity, and numerous possibilities, and better things in the future.

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