Monday, February 19, 2018

My Continuing Experience Publishing with Amazon

Back in 2016 I published a blog post about publishing on Amazon, titled "The Problem Self Publishing on Amazon".  Things have moved along since then, and I want to let you know what I've learned.

To any first time author it's a huge task publishing your book.  You step into the unknown, without any warning about consequences through the actions you take to publishing your book.

This mine field can be crossed if you take these simple tips into consideration.

1. Research self-publishing. Look into every aspect of it before you take the plunge, that will give you greater insight when you start publishing your eBooks and print books.

2. Make sure your interior and cover are formatted to the standard expected.  Each publisher will have it's own rules on what is needed for an eBook or print book.

3. Explore your creative side.  Over time I've discovered what an image can really do for a book cover.  I'm in the process of republishing my books on Amazon with updated information and covers.  Always try and make your book cover stand out from the crowd.  Even if you are on a shoe string budget, it can be done.

4. A great way to get sales on your book is to use "Kindle Free Download" and "Kindle Countdown Deal".  By giving your eBook away at a reduced price or for free each month, your book will slowly start to move up in the best seller ranking.  You can read more about Amazon Elevating your books in Amazon here.

I'd love to hear your comments about publishing in the comments below.