Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Quick Guide to Boost Your Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest can exponentially boost your website traffic!  This is all done by using simple images and visuals to catch your audiences attention.

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People are looking for interesting Pins throughout the year, especially holiday time.  In 2016, according to Pinterest 20% more holiday-related Pins were saved to Pinterest boards than in 2015.  Which shows people are looking all of the time for ideas relating to Christmas, Easter and many other holidays for inspiration for holiday ideas.

You don't have to be the arty type to post Pins.  I know I'm definitely not a natural when it comes to image creation.  People are looking for Pins that stand out, and everyone's taste is always going to be different.  You should look at Pinterest just like any other social media platform as free advertising.

It's an opportunity to get creative and build your brand online.  You should take advantage of Pinterest and be posting as many Pins as you can throughout the year, and showing people what you can do.

It doesn't matter what time or season, you should be posting now!

Start Recycling Old Blog Posts

No matter how old your blog post is, if the information is relevant, Pin it!

You can breathe new life into old blog posts by creating new images.  My colour scheme can be a bit mixed at times but I never let that stop me when it comes to posting Pins.

Here's a quick run down of holidays and events:


Peak time: Black Friday, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

Trending: Christmas, New Year's


Peak time: Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Trending: New Year's, Valentines, Super Bowl.


Peak Time: Christmas, New Year's.

Trending: Valentines, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras.

Use Your Affiliate Links and Pin Products

Pinterest allows you to post affiliate links directly.  Many people use Pinterest to help them find things such as clothing, make up etc., to see what's trending.  This could be a much needed extra income for anyone looking to make a bit of extra cash.  You could try creating your board of relevant products for techies, foodies etc.

The possibilities are endless.  Get creative and start pinning today, and share your pinning stories in the comments below.  Happy Pinning:)

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