Monday, February 12, 2018

Elevating Your Books for Easy Search on Amazon

If you're new to self-publishing you may not know that Amazon, just like Google, is no more than a search engine for online buying.

Just like Google there are no shortcuts to getting your book to rank high on Amazon.  People love searching for shortcuts, that most of the time don't actually work, so they end up losing out instead of gaining from their shortcut.

Lots of people spend hours looking up keywords in order to rank high on Google.  You can look at Amazon in the same way with your books.  The difference is that you're up against one billion ebook titles and three million print books on Amazon.  These numbers will have grown by the time this article has been finished, but you get the idea.

The easier it is to find your book the more often it will appear in searches, and the more books you'll sell.

How to Achieve a Higher Ranking With Your Book on Amazon

If you were writing a blog post and wanted it to rank higher on Google, SEO experts would tell you to utilise tags and keywords.  The same can be said about Google, the biggest difference is that Google doesn't have categories.

Two main components to ranking on Amazon are keywords and categories.  Your visibility, exposure and sales on Amazon will be pretty lacklustre if these factors aren't taken into consideration.

The Importance of Keywords and Searches

When you've finished writing your book have you taken into consideration the keywords to use in your book's title, subtitle or description?  These may not be the first things you think about, but are really important when it comes to selling your book.

With Amazon you're allowed to use seven different keywords or strings of keywords.  When you start uploading your book this is why you need to know which keywords to use to optimise your search on Amazon.

Which Keywords Should I Use?

The same applies on Google.  Type in your chosen subject and Google provides suggestions.  Let's say you're looking for a book about "wildlife", Amazon will come up with what is probably their bestsellers, first, and then other high ranking books on the same topic.

You're allowed seven keywords on your Amazon listing, you can use these words within your title and description.

Quick Note:  You should include your primary keyword every 100 words in your description.

How to Gain More Traction with Your Books

You can advertise your book in various ways on the internet for free, here are few ways I'm using myself to get Amazon's attention:

Social media

Use your social media, websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get the word out about your books.  Test the waters and see what works for you.

Write a Blog Post About Your Book

Let your readers know that your an author and have your own books.  Don't be frightened to blow your own trumpet.  Otherwise no one will know about your work.

Special Offers

Use Amazon's free eBook promotion and Kindle Countdown deals.  I use the free eBook promotion on all of my Amazon books and have noticed how quickly my book gets pushed up the search engine on Amazon.

If you're on the lookout for a book on Search Engine Optimisation, be sure to check out SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs.

Tell me about your experiences with Amazon publishing in the comments below.

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