Monday, February 26, 2018

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Carry a Notebook

These are my 5 top reasons why a writer should have a notebook with them at all times.

1. Record thoughts for new stories and topics

Ideas can spring to mind at the strangest times during a typical day.  When you sleep at night, or going for the weekly shop, your brain is constantly on alert and thinking about the next writing project.  Not writing down those thoughts can be fatal, but by carrying around a notebook you can scrible down your random thoughts to develop later.

2. To write down interesting invents that happen during the day

If you're a fictional writer, you can draw on simple events that might happen during the day.  Such as a child'e reaction to a birthday present, an accident by the side of the road or your washing machine breaking down.  After these events have occured write down something that will help you remember the event later on.

3. Make notes about people you see in every day life

Writing character descriptions is extremely useful for anyone writing fiction.  People watching is one way of doing this.  Sitting down in a restaurant or cafe and watching the world go by.  Make notes about the people that stand-out to you the most.  How they're dressed, hold themselves etc.

4. Write down inspirational quotes

Quotes can be used in a variety of different ways.  They can be to a highlight a point you might be making, or just for inspiration.

5. To document helpful information

Notebooks can be used in so many different ways:
  • Writing down new resources you've come across
  • For setting personal goals
  • Promoting your books or website
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