Wednesday, February 28, 2018

25 Free Places to Share Your Blog Posts

Producing blog content regularly is not enough to get your blog views.  You need to spend at least 60% of your time marketing your blog posts and any other books or interests you might have on the go.  If you're not sure where to start here is my list of the best places to post after you've published a blog post.

Social Media

Most people use social media these days so reaching out to as many sites as you can will boost your presence online.

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Google+
5. Instagram
6. LinkedIn
7. Triberr
8. StumbleUpon

9. Blog Engage
10. Reddit

Search Engines

Search engines are probably one of the first places to start.  Google being the primary target.

11. Google Blog Search Ping
12. Pingomatic
13. Bing
14. Social Book Marker
15. SubmitX
16. SoMuch
17. Entireweb

Social Bookmarking Sites

Reach out to bookmarking sites and get more views to your blog.

18. Digg
19. DoSplash
20. Kingged
21. Inbound
22. Bizsugar
23. Delicious

Article Directories

Create new articles in your field and generate more traffic.

24. Ezine Articles
25. Medium