Monday, January 29, 2018

I've Just Launched My New Book!

Hi, friends!

After many hours spent writing, formatting, editing and creating an eBook cover, I'm delighted to announce my new eBook Discover the Writer in You is now available to purchase.

If you haven't read my About page already, you may not realise that writing is what I do full-time.  My inner writer was there from my early years at school, something that was trying to get out, but had no where to go.  I wrote this book as a tool for anyone that has a writer inside of them to be set free.

Have You Discovered the Writer in You?

You might be thinking that you've written your own journals, articles and stories.  What you really want to do is put your writing online and let the world see what you can do!

I wrote this book to show you:
  • How to get started
  • How to build your writing platform
  • How to write and self-publish your book
Like you - I've been there too.  I love learning new things and being able to put them into a blog post helps me to express these thoughts.

Are you hearing your writing voice?

Everyone has dreams and goals in life that they want to achieve, some people never go after that dream.  For the writer it's the aspiration of having that book put into words, printed and shared with the rest of the world that really niggles.

How to know if you're a writer:

If you read an interesting story in the newspaper or over hear a conversation and think that make a really good plot line.

✫You meet someone new and you start asking them questions about their lives, while having the urge to write of the information down.

✫When you're reading someone else's book and you think I could do that!

✫That' why this book is for you.  It's the book I wish I'd had way back in 2010 when I was starting.

This book is a collection of everything I've learnt after hours of research and practical knowledge I've tried out myself.  Online marketers charge hundreds of dollars based on courses with this content.  I've brought it together in one comprehensive guide.

Get the book, and you'll have a complete guide you can follow to start making your writing dreams a reality.