Monday, January 08, 2018

How and Why You Should Create Your Own Author Website

Why Being Visible is So Important

Before you start publishing your books you need an author platform, a place people can come is see what it is you do and what kind of books you have published.  The larger your platform the more people will see you online.

A lot of writer's publish their books without creating a platform or even building a following of people interested in their work.  Which makes no sense.

How do you sell your books if you don't have an audience to sell them to?

With a platform you can create your own personal story and journey and help other's create their own journey along the way.

Three Points to a Successful Author Platform:

1. You need to start growing your author platform.  Join social media, it'll take time but the rewards will start coming.

2. You need to engage with your readers, tell them a bit about yourself and your own life, take time to share and interact.

3. You need to grow your book sales.  Don't tire your audience out with sell, sell, sell your audience will get bored and tire of your books.  You need to lay a foundation for your readers to trust and be interested in what your doing.

How to Setup a Simple Platform with Bluehost

1. Sign up with Bluehost.

2. You've chosen your domain name, register your domain name with Bluehost, enter it in "new domain" box and click next.

3. Enter your account information and contact information.

This is where you get your discount, the longer your willing to commit.

4. After completing your registration you'll receive a confirmation email.

5. Install WordPress.  Once you've purchased your Bluehost plan you're just a few clicks away from installation.

6.  Sign in using your new Bluehost log in password.

7.  Click "Install Now" under WordPress.

8. You've reached the "One Click Install" page.  Under "Do it Yourself" click "Install".

9. Then select your domain and click "Check Domain".

10. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Install".

11. Congratulations you've created your official author platform!

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