Friday, December 15, 2017

LinkCollider: How It's Different From Other SEO Tools and Why You Should Use It

If you're new to blogging or may be just want to boost your website traffic.  You might have heard of LinkCollider, its a website ranking tool that will help intensify your website traffic.

Social media is an invaluable tool in the current digital space, because internet marketing has become the primary strategy for many companies and bloggers.  Any company or blog you find online has recognised the significance of having a powerful online presence and that media is everything.

The only website ranking tools to increase traffic to websites, LinkCollider will ensure you have a high ranking on Google.  This ensures your blog or company website will communicate with real people.

LinkCollider - Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media

What Are Website Ranking Tools and What Do They Do?
Thje purpose of website ranking tools such as Google Rank Checker and SEMrush is to rank keywords of websites and measure their position online.  Articles and blog posts should be equipped towards keyword density and increasing traffic to the blog or website.

Why LinkCollider is Different From Other Website Ranking Tools

As already noted above, LinkCollider is the only website ranking tool that uses social media stats in its ranking process.

These are some of the ways LinkCollider will help improve your SEO rankings:
  1. Getting more Facebook likes.
  2. Gaining more Twitter likes and followers.
  3. Getting more Pinterest Pins.
  4. Boosting SEO and website traffic.
  5. Gaining more WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr likes.

Social Media and Search Results

LinkCollider's strategy is both effective and attractive because search engines are now including statistiscs from social media making the process more productive and increasing SEO rankings.  You'll definitely have more leverage over your competitors if you use LinkCollider.

SEO Tools That LinkCollider Uses

  • Keyword Tools
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Rewriter and Spinner
  • Link Building and Shortener
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Directory and Bookmark Submission
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