Wednesday, November 01, 2017

5 Indispensable Tools for Writers

When it comes to writing, its what you write that matters not how you write it.  But for those who think they've found a secret path to some how cheat their way through an article or manuscript, here are some places to start arranging a better writing life.

The Laptop
What you write on matters, and choosing the correct device of choice really matters.  There's no doubt the ultraportable laptop is the preferred weapon of choice for many writer's.

If you want to go small and light The Apple Macbook and Sony Vaio will do the trick nicely, without impacting too much on power and capability.

The Reliable Notepad
The Reporters' notepads are cheap and cheerful, if you're looking for an upgrade look no further than the infamous Moleskine. Okay so it's a bit grandiose for any writer just starting out but still the best buy starting from $10 per notepad.

The Digital Recorder
If you like to say your thoughts out loud, and you're frustrated with uploading your voice on your laptop or through your musc player, the simple digital recorder is essential.  With one-click you can record to your hearts content.

Just make sure your digital recorder has a plug 'n' play connection to your computer.

The Alphasmart Keyboard
Forget about a computer "just write".  The Alphasmart is a keyboard with a built-in LED screen, its basic word processing at its best.  With wireless capability, it can run for 50 days on a single set of batteries.

The Yoropen
Yoropen is designed for comfort when you write, if you're a writer who prefers putting pen to paper.  It helps prevent repetitive strain injury and cramping.

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