Friday, October 06, 2017

How and Why You Should Curate Content on Your Blog

A great way of increasing the amount of content you produce on your blog is to curate content from another website.  You can tap into current topics by adding your own personal commentary to hot topics that have been discussed on other websites.

This is a practise done by many bloggers as long as no rules aren't broken, these rules are no plagiarising content, breaking the law, publishing duplicate content and failing to credit the source.

Find out how to curate useful content on your blog in an ethical, useful and legal way.

How to Publish Editorialised Content You've Created

Before you start your content curation its important to understand the differences between content syndication, content aggregation and content curation.  Some definitions of each below:

Content Aggregation - When you bring together links to other content and provide nothing but the links in a single place, this is content aggregation.  Websites such as Alltop and PopURLs.

Content Syndication - Redistributed and aggregated content from websites such as Newstex and NewsCred are good examples of this kind of content syndication.

Content Curation - If you're reviewing an article or blog post you've read and you've gathered together the links to those sources and the descriptions, then add your own commentary, publishing it in a single location.  That's content curation.

As long as you cite and link back to the source to provide attribution you can share a variety of sources with your audience.

Produce a Weekly Round-Up Blog Post

You could use information shared by some of your favourite bloggers and do a weekly or monthly round-up.  By adding your own commentary and accrediting the original source you can add real weight and gain respect from your piers.

Embed Curated Content in Your Blog Post

You can use tools such as Storify and Rebelmouse to embed content on your blog.

Put Curated Content into an Online Video

Create a YouTube video with a single piece of curated content.  Make sure you include all of the correct links to your sources within the video.

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