Monday, October 30, 2017

The Fast Guide to Publishing Your Book with Createspace

When I first started looking into self-publishing my books on paper, I was really intimidated and had no clue about the simple process of adding my PDF files to the CreateSpace dashboard.  I'm going to give you a quick step-by-step guide to uploading your book and cover as well as information I use to format my documents and make a basic manuscript ready to upload.

Formatting Your Document

I did a lot of experimentation and researching before I go my margins and font to where I needed them.

  • Book Type = Non-Fiction 
  • Size = 6" x 9"
  • Document Size = A5
  • Font = Garamond
  • Font size = Book Title 18, Headings 14 Bold, Main body = 12
  • Margins = 2.5 cm
  • Header/Footer = 1.5 cm

Creating Your Paperback Book with CreateSpace

1. Sign up with CreateSpace.

2. Click Add New Title button.  You'll be taken to Start New Project Page.

3. Start Your New Project page, simply fill in the name of your book.  Choose setup method.

Guided: For new publishers to the process.
Expert: A single-page process for publishers already familiar with the process.

4. Click Get Started.

Title Information Page: Simply fill in your:

  • Book Title
  • Subtitle (if you have one)
  • Author name
  • Contributors
  • Series Name
  • Number (if applicable)

If you leave the Publication Date blank the date your book is published on CreateSpace will be filled in, if you published it previously with Kindle or a traditional publisher you can use the original publish date.

5. Click Save and Continue.

ISBN number:  All books require an ISBN number.  You have four options:

  • Free CreateSpace Assigned ISBN
  • Custom ISBN
  • Custom Universal ISBN
  • Provide Your Own ISBN

I used the Free ISBN option.  You can always purchase your own ISBN through a company such as Nielsen or Bowker.

6. Choose then click Continue.

Interior:  Your Choices are:
  • Black & White or colour
  • Paper colour (white or cream)
  • Trim Size is 6" x 9" - trade paperback
7. Uploading Your Book and Cover

I converted my document file to PDF, and did the same thing to my cover image.

Cover Image

With all of my books I went right back to basics and kept my designs and colours very simple.  My thought was that I can improve on the cover later on, plus doing it on a shoestring you need to start somewhere.

CreateSpace offers various services for editing and professional cover design, this services start from about $349.

Once you've uploaded your cover, you can then go into cover creator and edit your image and book cover accordingly. It allows you to add information on the back cover.

8. Finishing Setup:  You can review your formatted document and book cover as you go through each step.

9. Review:  CreateSpace automatically review your work and make sure your book matches up with their standards.  Don't panic if your book isn't up to scratch.  Do your research, if it doesn't meet their standards.  You'll get there eventually.

10. Distribution Channels: Once your book has been accepted you can start setting up the Distribution Channels and pricing.

11. Pricing:  You can use the calculator to determine how much you'll receive in royalties.  It's worth seeing what other authors have done in your chose subject though first.

12. Description:  Add your description to your sales page.  Appoint a BISAC category, set language, country of publication, choose your keywords, check adult content if applicable.

If you feel really unsure, contact the CreateSpace support team.  They'll get back to you pretty quickly and give you the help you need, they're really attentive and want to hear any queries.

Don't be afraid to take the leap and publish your book on paper!