Monday, October 09, 2017

Becoming a Ghostwriter

The World of Ghostwriting

Many well known authors live a double life, one under their real name and one as a ghostwriter.

You may well ask, why do they ghostwrite?  The obvious and true answer is, the money, being paid a fair rate for their much needed skill as a writer.  Sounds crazy in a time when authors are struggling to earn a decent crust from book sales.  Journalists can also be counted in amongst so many other writer's as viewing ghostwriting as a career choice.  Many magazines and publications are halving their running costs by getting rid of staff, the book industry requires reliable writer's to yield manuscripts quickly, or gather information from a celebrity in order to write their life story.  Ghostwriting is more than just celebrities and memoirs its full of lots of opportunities if you know where to look.

Ghostwriters can be found in fiction, from H.P. Lovecraft to Raymond Benson (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell).  Fictional writing takes time to perfect, and that doesn't happen overnight.

Apart from the money a ghostwritten book is quick to research.  You usually don't work alone, gleaning all your information from your client, so you need to be gracious while you're earning every cent.

Who Needs a Ghostwriter?

Literary and entertainment agents are always on the look out for ghostwriter's.  A helping hand may be required by a writer to sell their manuscript to a publisher.  Book proposals play a significant part in the ghostwriter's work.

Qualities Required in a Good Ghostwriter

You need really strong writing skills to be a good ghostwriter.

Time keeping is also vital, deadlines need to be met on time at all times.  There'll always be someone in the background with their eye on the clock before they give a ghostwriter any money.  Express is often the name of the game when it comes to ghostwritten books.

They make sure you earn every cent of what you've written.

Earning trust and drawing information out of people are skills every good ghostwriter needs.  It's all fine and dandy when you get along with your client, but really difficult if you're constantly butting heads.  Respecting them enough to draw out the information you require for their book.

You need to live by your wits of you're a ghostwriter, handling massive projects, knowing what your time is worth.

Your identity disappears when you start writing for them, you're able to finish the manuscript, slipping away quietly, lips tightly sealed knowing lots of secrets.

Where to Find Ghostwriting Jobs

Start out with the people you already know in your own writing and publishing community, let them know your interested in ghostwriting work.

Try marketplaces such as Reedsy and Guru, alternatively look into self-publishing service companies and literary consultancies hire ghostwriters.

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