Wednesday, October 25, 2017

6 Essential Points for Proofreading

Before you publish any document or publication, proofreading is your best safeguard against typing errors and mistakes made in grammar and punctuation.

Before the document is laid out check for tone, grammar, syntax, usage and style.  Here are some important steps you can use to aid in your proofread:

✢Apply a Checklist

Organize a list of valuable thinks to look out for, for example areas like agreement nouns and verbs and of pronouns, antecedents and number style.

Check for Factual Accuracy

Go over your facts, figures and proper names rigorously.  If you're inserting at the last minute make sure the information is highlighted so that you remember where to put it in your document.

Verbalise Your Document

Errors become more visible when your text is read out loud.

Target One Line at a Time

Use a ruler to cover the text following the line you are proofreading, moving the ruler down as you go.  This helps your eyes to focus on one line of text at a time and stops you from reading too quickly.

Check Format is Correct

If you have specified format to follow, make sure your document complies with the instructions you've been given.  Making sure page numbering, alignment, fonts, sizes and headlines are all within the parameters you've been given.

Repeat Your Proofread

Go over the revisions you've made, go over the document with a fine tooth comb and thoroughness, instead of just a quick spot-check.  You may have missed something.

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