Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why It's Wise to Write Well

Living in the age of such huge technological developments, no matter what job you might hold. Writing is a key component in today's world.  Being able to read and write still hold great weight are always going to be needed.  Most jobs these days contain a lot of words.

Take a look a some of the things you might write during a typical work day:
  • Content for your company's website
  • Notes from a meeting
  • A Power Point Presentation
  • Instructions for a junior member of staff
  • Memos and reports for colleagues
  • Emails
The list goes on and on, the simple fact is that text is currency on the internet.  Even though many businesses and blogger's are turning to video and audio content, text still has so many advantages; such as being easy to produce, scan and download.

Why is that every time you put pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard, do you need to write well?

First Impressions Count in Writing

In many cases, your first contact with a customer or client may be through email or reading your blog.  For example if you're:
  • Sending a CV or cover letter for a job
  • Replying to an email from a customer
  • A customer has come across your website
  • A work colleague has given you an email address for you to contact
This can also apply in more casual situations outside of work:

  • When you write a letter of complaint
  • Creating a dating profile
  • Writing content for a blog as a hobby
This shows you how people can form a strong impression of the writer based on the quality of the writing, as expressed in anhy blog or website.  You want the reader to come away with a good feeling!

People Prefer Quality Blog Posts!

Have you ever found yourself skipping poorly presented articles on the internet, with pages of poor lingo with bewildering headlines?

We live in a time that's immersed in information.  Writing ambiguous and grammatically incorrect blog posts, long-winded emails or a website full of language no one understands, won't be read.

You can be Googled Easily!

It doesn't matter how small your Facebook account, Twitter stream or blog is, you can still be found online.

Try typing in your own full name, in quotes, watch what pop's up.  When you find your results, ask yourself if a future client or employer would be impressed.  Most people have a footprint online these days, whatever you put out there needs to be well-written, even if its just a small biography on Google+.

What do you do if writing isn't your strong point?

Practice, Practice, Practice!

As a regular writer on the internet, honing my writing skills is never far away.  Whatever you do in life, doing extra to improve on that particular skill is never a bad thing.  If you want to go back to basics on grammar read essential grammar and punctuation.

If you're not comfortable putting pen to paper, try writing about something that interests you, do this for about five or ten minutes a day.  Try using different words from an online thesaurus.

Listen to yourself read out loud

Reading out loud is an important way to hear all of your flaws.  If you're a good speaker and lousy writer, you can really find this beneficial.  Often when you read in your head and skim down a page, you can miss things

Any long complicated sentences will become more noticeable - you'll discover them quickly when you find you're running out of breath as you read.

Ask for feedback

Ask your blog readers to comment on your posts, get colleagues and friends to read things over for you.  Get their thoughts on your own writing style, if they find it confusing at all?

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