Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Making Money By Writing Free eBooks

I came across an article recently that really made me think.  When I first started self-publishing I knew that you couldn't insert affiliate links into your eBook then sell it on Amazon or Smashwords. But giving your eBook away for free that's a different thing altogether, you have that extra freedom to put in whatever you want and give it away on any website that allows it.  (Within reason of course)

I'm going to show you how to do this and also how to get your blog name out there and gain some traffic along the way.

1. Choose a Subject 

An obvious starting point, would be to research and see what subject's are the most popular.  Your eBook doesn't need to be very long, about seven or eight chapters.  It's even easier if you have a hobby or an interest in something, then you know the kind of audience to aim your free eBook at.

Once you start writing your eBook you can start looking into affiliate programs.

2. Pick a Suitable Affiliate Program

There are a number of ways you can do this.  You could use specific programs like the Rakuten Affiliate Network, as I mentioned in a previous blog post.  They have educational courses from Udemy you can use to link into to your eBook.

You could try Googling the subject matter you're writing about and add "affiliate programs" and see which companies pop up.  Clickbank is a well-known affiliate program to use, and has a good reputation.

3. Create an eBook

If you've been reading about something recently or have an interest in a particular subject that's a good place to start.  You could also bring together a book of free articles adding recommendations with affiliate links for appropriate products along with an introduction.

You can create your own word document then convert it into a PDF using a free converter online.  You'll find that some people don't like advertising, but if you make you're advertising relevant you won't have many complaints.  Plus the eBook is free and you could remind you readers of this.

4. How to Give Your eBook Way For Free

So this is where you have to get creative.  How do you give away your eBook for free?
Here are a few ways to do it:
  • Email copies to everyone you know
  • Include a download link on your blog
  • Link to Your Download Page on Twitter or Facebook
  • Sign up to free eBook websites and give it away
  • Put it on Google Drive
  • Upload your eBook file to your own server and make it public
  • Upload your file on other web based file sharing such as docstoc and scribd
Find your audience and get your eBook into the hands of readers most passionate about what you've written about.

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