Monday, May 08, 2017

Why All Bloggers Should Learn How to Touch Type

I learnt how to touch type over 25 years ago, and haven't looked back since.  It wasn't long before I realised  just how valuable that skill would be when creating and typing out blog posts.

Why not bite the bullet and learn how to type properly.  You'll quickly find an increase in your productivity and success.

It seems like such an unpopular subject, but if you really want to take your blogging to another level...Learn Touch Typing!

Why Learning to Type is So Important for a Blogger

The simple truth is that the average person uses one or two fingers of each hand, managing 40-60 wpm (words per minute).  When you learn to touch type that speed increases to a speedy 60-100 wpm.

When you're blogging you're always looking up information on Google being able to type out a particular subject or phrase you're interested in takes half the time if you can type it out properly.  The quicker you can manage to type, the quicker you can get through your blog posts and move on with your daily routine, which makes you more productive and lets you:

✶Finish and complete tasks more easily

✶Achieve more a limited time

✶Complete more assignments in a month

✶More free time to think of new ideas

✶Try out alternatives

Its certainly true using a mouse quickly also helps but think about how often you use your keyboard when you're online.  You'll be surprised how fast your brain can work and when your fingers can't type fast enough.

What is Touch Typing?

Don't think that touch typing is anything extraordinary, just a very simple process.  This is how it works.

You start by placing your hands on the middle row, on the letters a s d f and j k l. Using your thumb on the space bar, your eyes are on the screen and in your fingertips.  When you start learning you memorise each key position.  With practise your body (physical memory) remembers which key to hit.

With a bit of practise it starts to become second nature, and a very satisfying way to work.  You're not constantly looking down at the keyboard and you start to pick up on typing errors and correct them instantly.

The beauty of touch typing is that it allows your mind to be on other things, such as a novel you may be writing or a blog post.

What's the Catch of Learning Touch Typing?

You have to be open to learning a new of typing and be able to stop doing it the old way.  Yes, it will be a little slower for a couple of months, but think of the long term benefits.  These out way that short learning period and become invaluable as a blogger.

How to Learn Touch Typing

You need to commit to learning to type properly, and then its practise, practise, practise.

There are a number of ways of learning:

I learned at college, but you can do it in your home on your laptop or on your pc.

✶You can buy a book from Amazon and Touch Type in Ten Lessons

✶Use a software program such as Learn to Touch Type 

✶Join a course on Udemy and Learn to Type

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