Friday, May 05, 2017

My 8 Favourite Blogs About Blogging 2017

When I surf the internet I'm always on the look out for blogs about blogging to quench my blogging thirst.  I must read hundreds of blogs without realising it.  Of course most of those I can do without. But I always bookmark my favourite articles.

I've showcased 8 of my favourites below:

1. Problogger

Started back in 2002 Problogger is one of many blogs written by Darren Rowse.  This guy really knows his stuff.  If you're not sure about where to start or what to write about, I recommend you start reading some of the articles about blog content, making money etc.

2. Seedtime (Christian Personal Finance)

Seedtime was started by Bob Lotich about 10 years ago.  He helps people in debt and also helps those wanting to start their own blog or business online.

3. Helplogger

A handy go-to blog if I get stuck on anything full of tips on blog design, widgets, SEO and making money online.

4. The Minamilists

Started by Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus to help people live more meaningful lives with less through their website.  They help you with all kinds things like productivity, which is handy when you want to make your life a little simpler, or create a clean workspace.

5. Copyblogger

Started in 2006 Copyblogger has been ahead of the game helping bloggers create killer content.

6. shoutmeloud

Harsh Agrawal started his blog as a passion now its helping bloggers globally.  Discover how to manage a blog, SEO, social media and make money online.

7. smartblogger

Jon Morry is the author of Smart Blogger back in 2012.  He teaches people about blogging and writing.

Pat Flynn teaches you proven strategies for running your blog as an online business and optimizing it for passive income.