Monday, May 15, 2017

What is the Difference Between a Blog Post and an Article?

I learnt a valuable lesson recently, there is a difference between an article and a blog post.  I always assumed they were both the same thing.  It turns out I had my facts wrong.

Here are the 6 differences between articles and blog posts:

1.  Voice

When blogs were originally created they were written in the first person i.e. "I" or "me" because they were written as a daily journal.

Articles are usually written using "you" and "your", "them" and "they", in the third voice.  They don't express any individual or personality but always have an authoritative tone.

2.  Duration

Usually an article will be between 5000-1000 words where as a blog post about 300-500 words.  People prefer to skim through blog posts, but spend more time reading an article.

3.  Approach

Articles are factual documents rather than someones opinion.  They're always backed up with facts and statistics.  A blog post is usually an opinion or thought, backed up by statistical information and facts.

4.  Pitch

When you read an article you feel like you're being taught something from an authoritative figure.  When you read a blog post it's like speaking to a close friend.

5.  Production

Articles are usually published about once or twice a week, just like they would be in a weekly paper or magazine.  Blog posts are kept up-to-date regularly, sometimes even daily depending on the blogger.  Articles aren't expected to be read as frequently.

6.  Crossover

This is where it can be a bit confusing, some bloggers will refer to their blog posts as articles even though they are filled with their own thoughts and opinions and written in the first person.  The key thing to understand about an article is that it should be technical and informative to the reader, unlike a blog post which is personal and conversational.