Wednesday, May 10, 2017

7 Tips to Grab Ideas on the Run

Doesn't inspiration hit at the most inopportune times, things pop into your mind you don't have a notepad and pen on your person.  And it always seems to happen when you're out and about and away from home.

Sometimes you can't take a shower without an idea popping into your head, but have no idea of how to write it down.

So what options do you have to capture those fleeting thoughts?

Below are 7 of the best ways to capture all of those brilliant thoughts so that they'll never be forgotten:

1. Sticky Notes

The sticky pad you can scribble anything on, and a favourite for seizing those ideas.  Keep a pad on your desk and by your bed.  Gather all your notes together by the end of the day and starting organising into useful projects or blog posts, book ideas for another day.

2. Flip Chart

A great place to start brainstorming or have on hand during the day for a specific project you might be working on.  A great way of making lists and keeping things fresh in your mind.

3. Napkin

Keep a pen in your pocket or handbag, grab a napkin if you're having coffee with friends.  Sounds really cheesy but works wonders when you need something to write a quick thought on.  Don't forget to take that napkin home with you, or suffer losing that thought for good.

4. Index Cards

Both light weight and inexpensive, index cards can be kept in your car or on your desk, using a waterproof pen is good idea to.

If you keep a pile by your bedside you can write down any thoughts that come to you during the night.  Grab a card and pen with ease.

5.  Idea Journal

Journals are great things to keep on your person during the day, you can write a mind map, think about upcoming projects or email campaigns.

Some people find it easier to scribble things down on paper than on a keyboard.

6. Audio

There's a lot of technology around these days to capture your thoughts through speech.  from simple voice recorders to smart pens.

7. Notebook

The humble notebook comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  At last you can write your notes in the shower with Aqua notes.  If you want to go all sci-fi you can use Rocketbook Wave, download the app and send all of your notes to Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud etc.

Or you could just stick to the more traditional method of carrying a reporters pad and pen around with you.

Either way writing down thoughts stimulates ideas, increases brain activity and boosts inspiration. The most important thing is that you're consistent in your capturing of ideas.

Tell me about who capture your thoughts and ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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