Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Big Kahuna, How to Write Great Content When You're Tired

I spent last night procrastinating about whether to just sit down and get Wednesday's blog post out of the way.  In my head I had visions of getting it done reasonably quickly and being able to move on to my next task.

Boy was I wrong!

I was so tired I started looking into other things that had been on my mind all week.  This left me feeling pretty despondent.  You see for the past month or so I've managed to do two blog posts well before the time of publishing them.  Leaving me free time to concentrate on the other improvements I want to make to my blog.
"I'm So Tired I Don't Wanna Write"
When you're brain wants to write but you're body doesn't what do you do? You end up surfing the net, tricking yourself into thinking that you're getting your work done but in actual fact you're just running away from the task in hand.

There are ways of tackling this dilemma, one way is to say to yourself "snap out of it" or "just do it!".  But what you really need is willpower to come and help you.  To push you into doing that important task and encouraging you to move on.

Unlocking Willpower to Enabling You to Write When You're Tired

So what are your options when you're that tired:

So why not try the "just do it" approach.  It's short and sweet, but over thinking things for to long does lead to that age old problem of procrastination.

When "you just do it" and go ahead with the task in hand pushing all other distractions out of the way, you actually get things done.  You don't sit their and say to yourself hmmmm I wonder if I should be doing something else, because "you're doing it!".

Do you think this method would work for you? How do you get yourself to write when you're tired?

Get a New Habit!

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