Monday, April 24, 2017

A Bloggers Guide: My Experience So Far Selling eBooks Online

In March of 2015 I published my first eBook about Self-Confidence, in my eyes it was a triumph, with no knowledge or real know-how, it's still a learning curve self-publishing anything.

Like anybody wanting to self-publish an eBook online, I started looking into Amazon Kindle Publishing.  Being the largest publishing platform on the web and having the biggest audience, it was a really good place to start.

I got my inspiration from blogger's such as Seed Time, ProBlogger, The minamilists and Catherine Ryan Howard.  I started reading about their individual stories and journeys into publishing their own books and eBooks.  It was really helpful and also inspirational.

My laptop was on its last legs so I invested in a new Lenovo PC to do the job instead.  Being on a shoestring budget it brought u its own problems of which program I could use to type up my eBooks.  I discovered Google Docs, a free word processing platform for those wanting a straightforward platform to type up an eBook manuscript.  This worked really well, as I discovered later on I could use it to easily incorporate images and hyperlinks without any fuss.

When you're looking for something to write about,
Tweet: Write about what you know.
A common phrase that can be used in both blogging and self-publishing.  I started with self-confidence because I'd had my own issues in the past and I thought it would be a good place to start.  I began to realise that when you create your own blog platform you should stay within the boundaries of your chosen subject, ie. writing, blogging, fashion etc and not drift away from that too much especially when you're trying to sell your eBook on your blog.  In my case all things blogging, writing and self-publishing which covers a lot of territory.

Once my books were typed up I started an account with Kindle Publishing, which was really easy to set up, I looked up the dimensions needed for an eBook cover and used PicMonkey, my go to for graphics, to do my eBook cover.

Note:  I always look at what other author's write in their author profile's and about the book's they've written.

Having my own blog has been great platform for launching any new eBook and something I would recommend for anyone wanting to write their own book or eBook.

My journey so far hasn't been an easy one, and I've gone through a lot of changes, trying out independent channels such as Payhip for a short time.  Just to see if I could sell my eBooks independently.  That didn't go as well as I thought it would go.

Which brings me full circle and back with Amazon Kindle Publishing.  The books I have sold have been through Amazon and through a brief period on Smashwords.  What I have learned through my journey so far is not to overstretch myself.  Not to put my eBook on every platform available.  The problem with that is you need to advertise to get that link seen.

I've also learned that by concentrating on one particular social media platform , I'm able to put more time and effort into getting my eBook's seen.

I would advise anyone wanting to create their own eBook, to do the research and sit what fits their current circumstances. Everyone is different, but most of all don't be frightened to have a go, learn from your mistakes, and who knows you could be the next bestselling author on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    I read your ebook about how to write online this morning and since then I have followed you on Hubpages (where I write as well) subscribed to your newsletter and now I am here :-) Thank you for your great advice and resources. I am just starting on the freelance writing journey and find your information very motivating and helpful.