Monday, March 06, 2017

[Combating Bloggers Block] 9 Types of Blog Posts

Are you stuck in a blogging rut?

Unable to think of what your next blog post should be about?

You're not alone it happens to all bloggers.

You think you're always to going to have great ideas on tap.  But sometimes you're ideas just seem to dry up.

The good news is that they're are numerous kinds of blog posts you can write.  I'm going to show you them and cure your bloggers block.

9 Kinds of Blog Posts

1 The Information Post - A common blog post type, you simply give information on a topic like a definition or a long explanation of a facet of a niche you're writing about.  This is the core of websites like Wikipedia.

2 The Instruction Post - This is where you tell people how to do something such as starting a blog. This is a really popular type of blog post because people love finding out how to do things.

3 The List Post - Making a list is a really easy way to write a post.  You can write lists about "Reasons why...", "10 Favourite..." or "The Top Ten Trends for...", the list is endless.  They're always popular with people that just want information at a glance or click of a button.  You could start a sentence then write a whole paragraph on your chosen list.

4 The Review Post - Reviews are great if your selling affiliate products or your own downloads if you have them.  You can make them as long you want.  Giving your own wisdom or opinion about various products.

5 The Case Study Post - These are longer than just a review post, you can take a blog profile and write about what that particular blog provides for its readers.  These can be done all sorts of niches.

6 The Link Post - Bloggers love this one because they can link up posts from other blogs in their particular field, taking a quote or comment and adding their own spin making the post more original.

7 The Rant Post - If you're annoyed about something that's on your mind, let it all out and tell it like it is a blog post.  Rants are great for starting a discussion and can be quite fun.  Warning, they can also stir up some firey comment threads which can impact on your blogging reputation later on.

8 The Inspirational Post - Giving people inspiration and motivation to do things can be rewarding not only to the writer but also to the reader.  Giving people good news in a niche can stir them up and motivate them.

9 The Research Post - I find doing research about anything I'm interested in to be quite therapeutic so including that research in a blog post can only help when I'm writing.

There are many more types of  blog posts, by changing your blog post type into the mix can broaden your readership.  There's nothing wrong with a little spice every now and again.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.