Friday, March 24, 2017

9 Best Selling Books on Writing You'll Ever Need

You wanna be a good writer?  You need to read.

All Good writers read.  This will show throughout your work in your grammar and punctuation, that you're not serious enough and aren't improving.

The truth is that good writing comes from reading the best material out there.

Don't get me wrong that doesn't mean that all reading material is the same.  You need to spend your time reading the best books you can get your hands on.

Even reading a romance novel will help to make you a better writer.  It's all about spending your time wisely.  Try starting small and build up your reading time, if you find it hard to sit down with a book.

The Reading List

Yes grammar and punctuation are important, and practice is to, but how you communicate what you're writing about is more important.  Getting your message across to audience.

These are the books I've come up with through Amazon's best selling writing books list:
  1. The Elements of Style - William Strunk Jr and E B White
  2. On Writing - Stephen King
  3. Writing Strategies Book - Jennifer Serravallo
  4. Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott
  5. The Author Startup - Ray Brehm
  6. On Writing Well - William Zinsser
  7. The Emotion Thesaurus - Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi
  8. The Writing Life - Anne Dillard
  9. The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

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