Thursday, January 26, 2017

[Blog Content] Create Scannable Blog Posts

Fact: Only 16% of people read websites word for word.

The average person only comprehends 60% of what they read.

Why people rarely read web pages word by word

Research has shown that over 50% of people scan the articles they read picking out keywords, meaningful sub-headings, bulleted lists etc.

Credibility is also important to web users.  Which is why most people skim through articles, because it take less time.

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You can test this by asking a friend to take a quick look at your blog.  Give them about 30 seconds on each post.  After they've finished reading ask them what the post was about.  You'll begin to understand how they've interacted with your blog.

How to Make Your Blog Scannable

There are a variety of techniques bloggers use to make their posts easier to read.  These include:

Lists - people love reading lists because it appeals to our short attention spans.

Formatting- make your information jump out of the page with bold lettering, italics, CAPITALS. Try changing your font size to draw readers eyes to the main points.

Pictures- research has shown time and time again that people love images.  Use pictures relating to your key points, you have more chance of getting readers to read full articles.

Borders/Block quotes - get readers attention with boxes around quotes and key points.

Space - don't fill up every inch of your screen, leave a little space.  This will help your readers not feel overwhelmed.

Get to the Point - try to be concise with your points.

Don't Bury Your Points - make your point visible, don't bury it in your content.

Reinforce your Main Points Creatively throughout your post.

Don't overwhelm your Readers - stick to one idea per blog post, or insert links that relate to other posts.

If your posts aren't readable you may lose your readership.

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