Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Craft a Legendary Blog Post in 10 Steps

You're fingers are burning from the blog post you've just completed.  You check it over feeling very pleased with yourself and hit the publish button!

You envision thousands of visitors clicking on your blog posts.

Then ...

It hits you like a ton of bricks.  Only a couple of visitors, no comments.  It's dead.

Does that sound familiar?

I've experienced that, many times.

Don't rush into a blog post, see if your blog post covers these 10 important points, and write blog posts your readers will love:

1. Pick a Topic - your article will flow more easily if you take extra time to define your topic, you'll cultivate something matters to readers.

2. Constructing Your Blog Post Title - the hook to draw your readers in to your blog post.

3. Opening Line - making an impression on your readers matters.  This line draws them in to read more.

4. Your Blog Post Needs a Point -  if you write randomly without purpose it won't give them any reason to stay on your blog.  Make it matter, give them a reason to read on.

5. Call-to-Action - give your readers something to do, this will cement the post in their mind, making a deeper connection with them.

6. Add Depth - make it more useful and memorable to your readers.

7. Polish Your Posts - small errors can block readers.  Take a bit longer and make sure your post looks good and reads well.

8. Posting at the Right Time - crucial timing of posts can ensure the right people see it at the right time.

9. Post Exposure - promote your post and increase its exposure rapidly.

10. Interaction - start a conversation with your readers, it could be very fruitful.

Step back and see if you've check all of these points.  Extra time spent on each point will pay off.

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