Friday, November 11, 2016

Beginners Guide to Blogging: 7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Use Bluehost

If you're scouting around for a web hosting company, look not further than Bluehost.

Currently hosting over 1.9 million websites its one of the internets most trusted self hosting companies.

With its affordable pricing, offering some of the best features it really stands out from the current competition.

Note: If you want to give Bluehost a shot, you can start a website for just $3.49 with a 30 day month back guarantee!

Discover 7 awesome reasons why you should give Bluehost a try:

1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Branded Email

Bluehost provides you with unlimited bandwidth allowing you to store as much information or data as you want.

With every Bluehost account sign up you get free business emails, no more paying for services such as Google Apps.  With Bluehost you save extra money.

2. Convenient Dashboard

If you're not tech savvy, no worries, its easy-to-use dashboard allows you to navigate and brows your account with ease.  Any problems chat support is always available.

3. Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

You can be assured that your website will always be up and running.  Seldom do Bluehost have any technical issues.  Your website is available 24/7 with Bluehost's 99.9% uptime guarantee.

4.  Discounts and Freebies

You can expect lots of exciting surprises once you sign up with Bluehost.  Most noted freebies include free branded emails and free domain name.  Bluehost show their appreciation for long stays by offering ongoing discounts and freebies to their customers.

5. Dependable

One of the fastest web hosting services Bluehost has a world-class data centre.  With a recorded customer account of 1.9 million websites, their growth will continue in the year's ahead.

6.  24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is vital to any blogger or website owner, with Bluehosts web application that is always available to assist all of its users.  Customer Support will deal with all of your questions and concerns. Ping them once and they'll be on hand to answer your query.

7.  Affordable Pricing

Bluehost is hard beat when it comes to its features and pricing.  See below:

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