Friday, November 18, 2016

Pricing Your eBook: 5 Amazing Tips on How to Price Your eBook

These days its unheard of charging $60 or $70 for an eBook.

Even charging $25 for really good content could raise a few eye-browse.  Times are hard and money can be pretty tight so who's going to buy a $25 eBook?

Not many people I'm guessing.

eBooks Can be Too Cheap

Most people opt for the $0.99, pricing their own eBooks too cheaply.

On, for example, you can find eBooks ranging from $0.99 to $20 and more.

Often eBooks priced lower contain more value than eBooks priced at $10 and over.

In this age of technology eBooks cost nothing to write unlike a paperback book which requires a publishing house.

When you publish an eBook you have no printing costs, publishing fees, postage or packaging costs to worry about.

With a basic laptop or PC anyone can write an eBook.

So bearing all that in mind the list below will help to decide on how to price your eBook productively.

1. eBook Production Cost

If you've paid someone else to write, proofread or create an eBook cover design you need to factor that into your pricing.

If you've written and created your eBook from start to finish, without outsourcing, you'll not acquire any costs.  The price you choose to sell your eBook at would be all profit.

2. Quality and Length of Content

How long is your eBook?  If it is 20 pages or less it may be more sensible to price it more affordably may be up to $3 or $4.  If you've written over 70 pages it might be worth a bit more, so about $5 to $10.

Don't think that it lessens the quality and value your eBook provides if its only around 20 pages.

3.  Value and Uniqueness of Content

Does Your eBook Stand-Out From the Crowd?

If your eBook is solving a problem, this is seen as something valuable.  Particularly if it offers a unique perspective, your thoughts, knowledge and insight on a particular subject can add value.

4. Cost of Selling Your eBook

If you're selling your eBook independently through your own website via a platform such as Payhip or Selz the costs incurred are usually pretty small.

Using a third party ecommerce platform such as ejunkie, ClickBank etc your fees will be a bit more.  These fees need to be taken into consideration when pricing your eBook.

5. Your First eBook?

If this is your first eBook, or even the last eBook you wrote.  Was it received well? Did you make any money?

Trust is something that is built-up with your audience over time.  People need to know what you're about before they start buying.

I've priced my eBooks high and low, discovering that the $2.99 mark seems to suit my eBook price.

Quick Summary -
  • Recognise how much your eBook cost to create.
  • Recognise your eBooks value and uniqueness to your target audience.
  • Recognise how much content you've written for your eBook.
  • Recognise how much your eBook is going to cost to sell.
  • Recognise whether you've done your research well enough.

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