Thursday, October 06, 2016

Successful Blogging: How to Create a Niche

If you're considering starting a blog you have the first step sorted.

The next step is deciding what your blog will be about.  You could always start a blog about everything, problem is they can be a little confusing with so many topics, as well as confusing to your readers and often not as successful.

Why do we surf the internet? To solve a problem, if you're looking for a particular book to read, or how to do some DIY, it's all online at your fingertips.

That's why blogs on a particular genre are so popular.  With a niche blog you can target your audience and also encourage them to come back for more.

So how do you "find your niche?".  Explore the tips below:

Niche Creation

Deciding on our blog niche is part of being a successful blogger.  Often this can happen over time, it's half the battle when you're figuring out the important elements of your blog, for example:
  • Blog Name.  When I started this blog I knew exactly what subject I was going to tackle for my blog, hence the name 1976write.  By putting "write" in the title and "Discover the Writer in You" it's helpful to both search engines and readers alike.
  • Blog Content.  Once you know your niche you can then start thinking about what your potential audience might expect from your blog.
  • Blog Design.  A blog directed at students is going to be different than a design aimed at children.
Advantages of Creating a Niche for Your Blog

Creating a niche for your blog will benefit you and your readers in the long term.

Once you know which direction your blog is going you can slowly start to build a community of readers who will regularly stop by your blog and read your content.  You'll discover that these readers are the backbone of any successful blog and are of great importance to you.  You can gain regular readers through excellent content that has a focus.

Having a focus or niche is easier for bloggers to provide good quality content for their readers.  With a niche you'll discover how your writing will develop and evolve over time.

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