Wednesday, September 21, 2016

6 Amazing Self-Publishing Tips for Authors

Are you considering self-publishing an eBook?

Then ponder no more.

Forget about the statistics, self-publishing is growing at an astronomical rate.  Many unknown authors are reaching the dizzy heights of their counterparts who were originally under traditional publishing houses.  Before you jump the gun and self-publish right away.

Follow these 8 simple tips before you publish your eBook:

1. Recognise your audience.  Books that are self-published usually have a smaller audience.  Start taking notice of what your readers needs and interests are within your niche.  Look into what really makes a book popular.

2. A catchy title is key.  Having a short unique title will help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Know yourself.  It may sound a bit strange, it's also one of the ingredients of a successful self-publishing career.  Before you put pen to paper you need to look at yourself and be familiar with all of your strengths and weaknesses.  Decide what your chosen passion is and write about it.

4. You're an author/editor.  If you can afford to hire the skills of a professional editor that's great! If not, the task of correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation are in your hands.

5. Look for inspiration.  If you've already written your book you'll  know all about writer's block.  From today onwards discover what your inspiration is.  Once you have it, you'll be fine.  It could be a goal or even someone you look-up to that serves as your muse.

6. Think like a business person.  Sounds crazy I know.  Think of your book as a product.  You need to find out your options for advertising it.  You can start be using social media marketing.