Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Sell Your eBook Directly with Payhip

Thinking about self-publishing an eBook?  Not sure where to sell Your eBook?

Then this blog post may be the answer your looking for.

I've been selling my eBooks on Amazon since last year, had some sales, but got tired of being the bottom of the pile.

I started researching other avenues to sell my eBook.  Coming across websites such as:
Disadvantages of Selling Your eBook on Amazon

Don't get me wrong Amazon are great at what they do, and you do have a huge audience at your fingertips.  Which can make it easier for your book to be purchased.  Below are some of the downsides that made me change to Payhip:
  • The customers aren't really your's, you don't get to know who buys your books, so you can't market to them directly, unless you ask them to opt-in to your email list or interact with you on social media.
  • Competition is huge.  You're a small fish in a big ocean of competitors, wanting their own piece of the pie.  Without your own platform you'll go unnoticed.
  • Amazon pretty dictates how much you can sell your eBook for.  On average the price of a Kindle eBook is for $2.99 with 70% royalty.  Ebooks sold below $2.99 only bring in 35% of the sale price.
Advantages of Selling through Payhip
  • Payhip is a free platform to sell your eBooks or downloads through. 
  • You pay 5% per transaction + standard PayPal fee for every download sold.   
  • You're paid after each sale goes through instead of waiting 60-90 days to get paid from Amazon.
  • The option to offer your customers a discount in return for sharing your eBook sales link.  Giving your customer the incentive to promote your book.
  • The 'pay as you like' option lets you set a minimum price ($0 upwards) allowing your customers to pay what they want for your eBook.
  • You can offer discount codes starting at 25% off.
  • You can choose your own currency, giving you the opportunity to target a particular market more easily.
  • Payhip helps you to sell directly to your customers giving you more control.  You can decide the price and format of your books, more flexibility to offer promotions to suit your own sales strategy.
  • Give your readers the opportunity to make some money by selling your eBooks through the Payhip Affiliate scheme.  This way you can gain more customers and your readers can also make money to.
How to Upload Products on Payhip Dashboard

Click "+ add new product".

Add new product

Click "Edit" to Edit your download.

Edit product
"Click to upload product image"

Upload product image

Select a category i.e. eBook and subcategory Education etc.