Monday, July 25, 2016

Quick Guide to Promoting Affiliate Links on Your Blog

I want to share with you effective ways to promote affiliate links on your blog.  Which simply means you choose a product(s) in your blog niche, you create product awareness, then someone buys that product, you receive a referral commission from it.  Below are the affiliate companies I use:
How to Promote Affiliate Products:

The Review Post

You can introduce your reader to a product through an article review.  With this article your opinion guides them to understanding why they should buy it.

Things to remember when writing a review a post for your affiliate product:
  • Choose a product you're likely to use yourself
  • Write the review in a personal tone
  • Make sure your review is honest
The How-to Article

You often find that some products require a guide.  This is a great opportunity for affiliate product promotion.  You can write your own tutorial, or even create a video for the product.

Note: These tutorials can also help improve your search engine ranking.

The Coupon Code

Saving money is a huge incentive when marketing a product.

Your aim as an affiliate marketer is to make sure the customer clicks the affiliate link, otherwise the sale won't count.

The Featured Post

Whether its a review post or coupon code post you need to point your reader's to it to get the most views possible.  On Blogger its a "Featured Post".

Add a Banner on the Sidebar or Bottom of the Page

Banner ads work well with targeted traffic on your blog.  I've made the mistake in the past of putting too many banners on my blog, resulting in total confusion to my readers.

Integrating Affiliate Links

Add affiliate links to as many relevant blog posts as possible.

Look through old blog posts and add appropriate links.

Promote Affiliate Links on Social Media

Use Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to promote links.  I find Twitter a great place to market affiliate links.

Make Sure You Disclose

With all advertising make sure you have a disclosure on your blog post and in your blogs "Terms and Conditions".

Extra Tips:
  • Create a series around a product
  • Write a comparison post
  • Create a post when a product adds a new feature
  • Create a Resource Page
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