Thursday, June 23, 2016

What Sort of Writer are You?

The field of  writing is a vast one, with many paths to choose from.  What usually springs to mind are the writers behind the newspaper articles you read daily, or the political speeches you hear on TV from politicians.  There are many types of writing, and many people employed as writers in different job types.  See below:

Article Writers

Specific themes and topics, or news items are done by non-fiction writers.  These article writers can often be found as staff writers or freelance writers.  They're all able to write crisp, concise articles.These articles are written on and off the internet, many make a good living in the magazine industry.

Academic Writers

Scientific journals, university magazines are all written by academic writers.  Many are primarily article/book writers, that don't write for money.  It's usually considered an honor to be published in many of these publications.  Most of these writers do it to further their academic career.

Business Writers

Usually found working for commercial business magazines of high end readers.  The demands are more stringent, emphasising language and relevant business knowledge.  The writers reflect their cutting edge audience of professionals.  Business writing can be done by both freelance and staff writers, but definitely no amateurs.  Well paid both on and off line.


Trends are their staple, rather than news.  Columnists can be found in newsletters, newspapers and magazines.  Syndicated columns can found in hundreds of newspapers.  Writing articles weekly for the same column, staff journalists can be found in larger newspapers and magazines, usually with an established name to provide regular columns for their readers.


Some of the best paid writers in the business.  A good copywriter can make a lot of money writing text to sell a product.  A copywriter had the ability to evoke an interest and enthusiasm for a particular product.

Freelance writers

Those writers who do not make their living in one particular job.  As the title suggests, it gives freedom to the writer and enables them to take on whatever work suits them.  Making their job diverse and allowing them to work when they want.  Although this affects their income a lot, most writers prefer this route to staff writing.


Most people read what a journalist has produced in a newspaper.  Normally a degree is required in journalism for the writer.  The biggest rule is to keep all deadlines.

Nonfiction book writers

This group of writers include technical, academic and those with even more fervour and devotion than writing skills.  Their common skill is the ability to read information and turn it into readable text that will satisfy the reader.

Online writers

Many freelance writers write for websites and e-zines.  Usually with no previous writing background and have jobs during the day, these writers can be quite low paid.  The market online is diverse and bottomless leaving a lot of scope for creativity and diversity with their writing.