Monday, June 20, 2016

How Healthy is Your Blog?

When you start blogging you start to realise just how important regularly testing your blog is.

Once you start testing your website to see how well it performs your attention is drawn to focus on its optimal capability.  You can put this into practice to any aspect, including functionality, browser capability and usability.

Here are 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Test Your Website:
  1. Boost confidence in your company or brand.
  2. A website that performs better than your competitors.
  3. Increase search engine rankings with a superior performing website.
  4. Recurrent website visitors.
  5. Growth in enquiries, sales and interactions with your company with a fully working website.
  6. Peach of mind.
Testing Basics

Here are a list of the services available for checking your website for errors and improving your web page.