Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Make the Most of Bloglovin with These Handy Tips

The face of blogging is ever changing, with new ways to follow your favourite blog regularly, Bloglovin' has grown steadily in the past couple of year's and shows no sign of stopping.

Bloglovin' has become a great source for blog readers and bloggers, you can find inspiration within the blogging community if you click on to the website, or join Bloglovin' to claim your own blog.  If you're interested in making a little extra revenue to can try there new affiliate program.

Handy tips to make the most of your Bloglovin' profile
  • Become and avid reader on Bloglovin' - You have the option of saving your post in various categories.  Use this to give a little back to other bloggers out there.  You can also discover more with the Explore page to see visit the blogs that interest you the most.
  • Use your featured images - Each post that appears on Bloglovin' will appear with an image to share with your readers.
  • Put a Bloglovin' link at the end of each blog post - With Bloglovin' you can choose from a couple of different widgets to add to your blog post.  Or you could simply add a link yourself buy adding your Bloglovin' profile page to the bottom of each post.
  • Add a Bloglovin' widget - So many blogs are missing out on traffic why they don't add the Bloglovin' widget.  It's easy to copy and paste to your side bar.
  • Choose your blog category carefully - Once you've claimed your blog on Bloglovin' there are a number of different categories to choose from.  Choose wisely.