Saturday, October 31, 2015

Get Traffic to Your Blog with these Easy Steps

You've established your blog and feel its time to get serious about attracting readers (traffic) to your blog.

Follow the steps below and increase your blog traffic:

Create Better Content

Write quality content to attract your readers. "Content is King" to put it in a nut shell, also hits the nail on the head (sorry for the two synonyms).  Find your niche and write, write, write. Discover what's popular in your chosen subject and find out what your audience wants.

Make it Evergreen

Type out information that will last.  As an example a post about what is fashionable this month will be impractical information in a month.  If you write about classic item's of clothing they will never go out of fashion and the article will stay evergreen.

Find Your Audience and Establish Your presence

Promote your blog but create a strategy as to where you will spend your time promoting it.  Don't spread yourself to thinly across the board.

Remember its more important to get good content out there than spending hours on social media.

Find a couple of social networks that suit you, and go where your readers hang out!  Don't be shy ask your Twitter followers to "RT" your posts.
  • Is your blog Mobile Friendly?
Make sure blog uploads quickly because your visitor's won't hang around if your page isn't coming up fast enough.

Check your site speed at Google's Page Speed Insights tool.
  • Be polite
If you want to build your traffic you need to establish a good rapport with your readers.Stay active in all communities that matter to you.

Link to your own blog posts and outside sources to.  Follow these simple rules and your traffic will sky rocket.

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