Sunday, July 26, 2015

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Write an eBook

"If you've got idea's to share with people it not only benefit's you but your reader's also".
The above statement is my thought on writing online and creating eBooks.  Financially there is no cost involved especially if you're working during the day.  There is no publisher or printer needed, any tool's you require to create and edit your eBook can be found online.

You can use Amazon Kindle to sell your eBook and market it, making yourself money to.

There are so many other reason's why you should starting writing an eBook but here are my 6 top reasons:
  1. Choose a subject you're interested in and become an expert.  Your subject could be work related or something you enjoy doing in your free time.  When you share your knowledge you can help other people and build your reputation at the same time.  Writing an eBook will increase your credibility in your chosen niche.
  2. Once it's written its there for keeps.  When your eBook is published it will be earning for you indefinitely.  It may require tweaking every once in a while just to keep it up-to-date but the hard work has been done so you can watch your passive income roll in.
  3. Use it as a Sign Up tool.  Giving your eBook away for free may sound crazy because you're not making any income from it, but if you're just starting out it's a great incentive for people signing up to your mailing list.
  4. Creating and Publishing was easy.  Marketing your eBook is where things get tough.  Use blogging as your platform to market your eBook.
  5. eBook's are everywhere!  People of every age group have access to a device, whether it be a mobile phone or Ipad.  In 2014 $5 billion of Kindle Devices were sold according to Morgan Stanley.
  6. It Will Increase Your Authority Online.  The more exposure you have the more trust you'll have with your reader's.  Exposure builds credibility.  Saying you're an author will you take you to the next level.
Keep your blog fresh and brainstorm continuously.  Follow your competitor's tactics and strategies and evolve!

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