Monday, March 02, 2015

How to Write About What You Love and Get Paid

I started writing in 2011, writing on Ezine and Hubpages.  I want to show you how writing can make you an income and change the way you look at writing on the internet.

The internet is a hive of information some good some bad.  You can and join and be a part of the huge wave of writer's that populate the internet currently.  If you can construct a sentence and want to earn some extra money, starting your own blog is a good place to begin .

What You Need to Know About Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

Upload your articles to these sites and make money from the clicks they share with you.

Hellium Network

Publish knowledge based articles on a network of 27 sites.  Money is earned with incentive payments, assignments are performance based using the traffic you receive.

Article Marketplaces
  1. Hire Writers
  2. Fiverr
  3. Article Sale
  4. Constant Content
  5. Textbroker
  6. Digital Point
Why You Should Use Hubpages as a Writer

I started writing on Hubpages in 2010 and discovered over time that it can be a  great side line for making money and learning how to write online.

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a website that allows writer's to publish content on their website.  Your content can be any length, this means that each Hub (their jargon for article) can be about any topic you choose, from writing about the "Second World War" to your "Ten Best Fitness Tips".

Being a great writer isn't essential, by any means, I've seen some pretty awful writer's do well on there.  You just need the ability to write a little about something.  You never know this could be your first step to making money from a blog.

The most straightforward and effective way is by using Google Adsense.  You can join Adsense and add your ID to Hubpages then you'll start sharing the revenue with Hubpages for your Hubs.  If visitor's click on this advertising you will receive 60% of the revenue.

How to Get Started with Hubpages

  • Sign up to Hubpages.
  • Start your first Hub.
  • Start up an Adsense Account.  If you don't have one already it may take a few days for approval.
  • Connect your Adsense ID to Hubpages.  After you've logged in click the "My Account" button, then "Affiliate Settings" link.  Insert your Adsense ID.
  • Your Done.  Once you've installed your Adsense ID you can start making money on hubpages.

Warning:  Never click on your own ads or get other people to do the same, Google will find out and ban you from the Adsense Program.

Useful things to know about Hubpages
  • Links - Linking to other peoples blogs and websites is a good idea,  joining bookmarking websites, social media is helpful to.  Linking or grouping your Hubs together also helps.
  • Content is King - The more you have to say in each Hub the better.  My rule is usually 500 to 1,000 words per Hub.  If you can get close to the 1,000 mark or over it's even better.  You can include as many capsules as you like, things like poll's for your reader's, or even a YouTube video is a good to.
  • Stick With It - You'll notice not every hub is popular, it always surprises me what is popular from one day to the next.
About the Hubpages Referral Program

You refer new writer's to Hubpages if they become writer's within 30 days, you receive 10% of their Hubs lifetime impressions.

The 10% doesn't come from the new Hubber but through Hubpages, meaning you still receiving 60% of impression's, Hubpages then takes 30% (instead of their usual 40%) and you get the remaining 10%.


This is another option, time and effort are required to set-up your blog and patience is required to find clients.

How Much Money Will I Earn Sharing?

This depends on your subject matter how popular your content is.

Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog

You can write product reviews, with a couple of affiliate links in every blog post you produce.  You call the shots when you have your own writing platform.  This includes how you choose to make extra money.

If you put any affiliate links on your blog, always make sure you have a disclosure on your terms and conditions page or where you decide to put your affiliate link.

How Much Do Affiliate Links Make?

Depending upon your chosen program you can be paid up to 50% commission.  If you use Amazon Associates program you'll receive around 5-6% commission.

Obviously the larger your audience the better your commissions will be and how big your audience is.

Website Advertising

Adding Google Adsense to your blog is really easy, and has a lot of potential.  Most bloggers have some kind of advertising, even if it's just one Google Adsense ad on a blog post.

Use the less is more approach, customising your adverts on your chosen subject.  That way your blog won't be too garish and full of unwanted advertising.

How Much Does Advertising Make?

This depends on the overall size of your website.  Don't rely on earnings from one specific place of revenue.  Combine it with other methods.  Not everything will take off at once, it will take a while for people to trust to you and your blog.

As a long-term strategy, advertising is a really good one. It took me a while before I got my first Google Adsense payment,  it was definitely worth the wait.  If you're a competent writer and will to go that extra mile and build a popular website, you'll make good advertising revenue.

Selling Your Own Books

If you're starting your own blog, you need to think seriously about writing your own products for people to buy.  It benefits both you and your readers.  You'll discover how to create your own eBook, while passing valuable information onto your followers.

How Much Money Will I Make Selling My Own Books?

If you're writing non-fiction ebooks rather than fiction you can charge as much as you like.  A few years ago website owners would sell their eBooks for $97 or more.

With the popularity of Kindle and e-readers most people are used to cheap eBooks.  With non-fiction you can still sell your own premium product, and sell it at around $10-$50 depending on the length and topic of your eBook.

You could sell your eBook through Amazon at a much lower price but to a larger audience.

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