My mission is to inspire and motivate any writer's that want to get their voices heard by starting a blog or writing an eBook.

At 1976write its about overcoming your fear and following your passion for writing.  This blog is about finding the inspiration and knowledge and go after your dream.

I do this by sharing helpful tips on blogging, writing and self-publishing.  Increasing your productivity and overcoming knows and set backs that you may come across on your writing journey.

You Can Start Living Life on Your Own Terms, Writing About What You're Passionate About.
My Story

I'm Helen a Christian, blogger and author I started writing 6 years ago online creating blogs with Google and Wordpress and writing on Ezine, Hubpages and Squidoo.

It was after I started my Wordpress blog that I discovered where my heart lay, it was in writing.

My background is a secretarial one.  Which comes in really handy when you're writing an article and transferring to a blog post.

At the moment I'm an example of how writing can change your life and how positive and therapeutic it can be.

I understand how hard it can be to sit down and write something, but that fear is gone once you get started and put pen to paper.

Three Posts to Get you Started

1. Can I Make Money Blogging (my most viewed post)

Make Money Blogging, 7 Steps to Creating Your Own Blog on a Shoestring Budget.
With this collection of blog posts I'll show how you can make a full-time income, or even enough to pay the bills, depending on how much time you want to spend on your blog.

2. Start Your Life as a Writer with this Simple Guide
I started writing in 2011, writing on Ezine and Hubpages. I want to show you how writing can make you an income and change the way you look at writing on the internet.
The internet is a hive of information some good some bad. You can and join and be a part of the huge wave of writer's that populate the internet currently. If you can put a sentence together and want to make some extra money article writing is a great way to do it.

If you've got idea's to share with people it not only benefit's you but your reader's also.
The above statement is my thought on writing online and creating eBooks. Financially there is no cost involved especially if you're working during the day. There is no publisher or printer needed, any tool's you require to create and edit your eBook can be found online.

I usually publish three blog posts a week, and I'm always open to new suggestions.  If you have any questions or blog post ideas,  just get in touch

Why 1976write?

This website is dedicated to all writer's wanting to learn the skills of writing, blog and self-publishing, sharing their own experiences through the medium of blogging.

I started 1976write because I'm passionate about writing and learning from others what it takes to be successful and also wanting to connect with other bloggers making money from their blogs.

So far I've written over 100 articles, tips to my archives here.

If you want to know more information on 1976write get in touch through my contact page.

Also feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ id you're active on those networks.