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Do you Dream of Making Money From Your Writing?

If you're a seasonal blogger or a burgeoning writer you'll find something here for you.  1976write is about finding your own writing voice, mastering it and making a living from it.

I'll show you how to improve your writing skills and improve yourself as a blogger.  Writing regularly will improve your life and give you new purpose and fulfillment.

Making a Living Writing

I started 1976write to share my experiences and what I've learned so far about making money from my writing and blogging.  It may seem a bit strange to write about writing, but it turns out many other writer's out there share the same dream of making a living from their own blogs and eBooks.

This blog has over 100 blogposts,  covering writing, self-publishing and blogging for writer's wanting to improve their skills there a series of eBooks - plus much more.

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new readers to 1976write come with the dream of writing for a living, as a result we've put together 7 points that best suit your needs.

1. Start a Blog

2. Create Content

Making Money

4. Be Productive

5. Start Writing

6. Traffic

7. Self-Publishing

8. English Language

Another really popular page on 1976write is our Recommended Blogging Resources page which contains all our recommended blogging tools and services to help keep your blog running smoothly.

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Recommended Blogging Resources

A list of recommended blogging resources that I've personally used (in most cases) or which have come highly recommended by people I trust.

✔Blog Platforms
✔Tools for Graphic Design
✔Tools and Services for Email Marketing
✔Tools for Social Media Management
✔Blog Monetization and more

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