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Welcome to 1976write!

If you're a seasonal blogger or a burgeoning writer you'll find something here for you.  1976write is about finding your own writing voice, mastering it and making a living from it.

I cover article writing and how to improve yourself as a writer.  I feel that writing is a craft to be learned and skill that needs sharpening.

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Discovering the Writer in You and Making a Living From It

It doesn't matter what stage you're with with your writing, it's a journey for all, and about being the best that you can be.

For me, it's an ongoing process that always needs improvement, and there's always something new to learn and discover.

I chose to create 1976write about blogging, writing and self-publishing, areas of interest for most writer's.  Here's how I define them:

Blogging:  Can be personal or a business.  A way to communicate with an audience and get your message across.

Writing: Creating meaningful words and sentences that can be read and understood, putting your thoughts on paper.

Self-Publishing: Being in control of the entire process of creating a book/eBook, its design, interior, format, price and distribution.

So join me on my writing journey. If there's a particular topic you'd like me to cover or a question you'd like me to answer, Just get in touch and I'll be happy to blog about it.