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Take your first steps on your blogging journey with this easy follow guide.

How to Create a Blogger Blog from Scratch

  • A quick guide to starting a Blogger blog
  • Customise your blog quickly and easily
  • Create a sitemap and get your blog seen on the web
  • Know your audience with Google Analytics
  • Add share buttons to help your readers share your content easily

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

  • Where to start in affiliate marketing
  • The best affiliate marketing programs online
  • Why traffic to your blog is so important
  • The importance of having your own blog

The Easy Guide Blogging - Sample Chapters
Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Why I Started Blogging
  • Chapter Two: Best Blogging Platform
  • What Are the Options?
  • Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Blog

The Easy Guide Grammar and Punctuation - Sample Chapters
Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Writing Errors: How to use the apostrophe
  • Are you making these writing mistakes?
  • Chapter Two: Writing Errors: Punctuation Part I
  • Are you making these writing mistakes?
  • When you should use exclamation marks

The Easy Guide Writing - Sample Chapters
Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Make a Living as a Writer
  • How do I Write an Article?
  • Chapter Two: Simple Rules of Writing on the Internet
  • Chapter Three: The 30 Minute Article

The Easy Guide to Self-Publishing - Sample Chapters
Exclusive free sample includes:

  • Chapter One: Great Reasons Why You Should Write an eBook
  • Chapter Two: First Steps to Writing Your First eBook
  • Chapter Three: Simple Instructions to Format Your eBook in Google Docs

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