My Work

This page is both a necessity but also proof the I have actually written books.  Kinda of a resume in a way?..

Discover the Writer in You.   I started writing back in 2010, a time when the internet was still a new concept to me.  I did it as a form of therapy to begin with but that steadily grew as my confidence began to build.  The information I've learnt has been collated and put in "Discover the Writer in You".  From my simple steps writing articles on Squidoo and Hubpages to starting a simple blog, it's all there.  I'm still learning a lot on my writing journey but I hope you can join me to on this journey.   I've added a bonus chapter on social media to help you get started in your writing.

You don't need any tech know-how to start a Blogger blog.  This proven 5-step formula will help get you started quickly and smoothly.  You'll learn what it takes to become a successful blogger and how to sharpen your skills and monetize your blog. 

Confidence: 9 Steps to a New You.  So many times we miss out on opportunities through out our lives because we lack self-confidence.  From asking someone on a date or public speaking, we aren't prepared to handle any of these situations.  Follow the nine steps and unlock your confidence and discover the new you.

Amazing and Interesting Facts.  This book is brimming with over 40 facts and true stories that you'll be able to impress your friends simply improve your knowledge.

7 Steps to Publishing Success.   This free 20 page guide will help you understand the ins and outs of self-publishing and how easy it is to write your own book.  With seven simple steps:
  1. Why you should start writing an eBook
  2. Where to start your writing journey
  3. How to format your book
  4. How to create interesting front and back matter
  5. How to create a free eBook cover
  6. Why you should have a platform if your an author
  7. How to publish your eBook on Kindle