Making Money From Udemy Affiliate Links

What is Udemy?

If you've never heard of Udemy before they're one of the internets largest online learning marketplaces, with over 6 million students who take a variety of subjects from marketing, cooking to music.  If you have a blog chances are you subject fits into one of the courses they sell.

A lot of people make money from producing and promoting their own Udemy courses, you can also make money by selling other peoples courses.  You can use your connections on social media to start making money.  For every sale you make you get 40% commission on every Udemy course you refer, if they decide to enroll.

Steps to Get Started Selling Udemy Courses:

1. Sign up as an Udemy Affiliate, await your approval.  Provide your website address.  Add your PayPal account to get paid.

2. Find suitable courses that match with your blog niche.

3.  Create a deep link.

Use a link shortener such as Bitly or Owly if your on social media.

Best Places to Sell Your Courses
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stumbleupon
  • Google Search Ads
  • Your Blog
  • Student Hangouts Online

Advertising on social networks allows you to target the people you want to sell your courses to directly.