Got Nothing Left to Blog? Here's Some Inspiration

Starting a blog can be thrilling, you can feel like you have real control when you start blogging, having so many ideas just oozing out.  You think it's never going to end.

Until suddenly your fountain of ideas dries up, what do you do?  You need to keep up the momentum.  Not posting regular blog posts and leaving your audience without regular updates is a big no no.

What is the Secret to a Regular Publishing Schedule?

This is why you need a plan you can turn to keep the content flowing, even when you're not feeling very inspired.

Use the five ideas below to get you started, and bookmark them for future reference for when that dry spell occurs.

1. Check Out Amazon

A fortuitous source for blog post topics are Amazon reviews.  You have books on nearly every subject.  Check out the reviews left on books in your own genre.  You can get a lot of insight into what people are looking for and what matters to your audience.

2. Listen to Community Forums

Any community forum or social group you're interested in, see what people are talking about.  Open up each thread and get a feel for the questions being asked within the forum.

3. Cover a Subject from a New Direction

Most of your readers have probably not read every single one of your blog posts, there's a pretty a good change you've missed some important points on that particular subject.

There's always room for new thought and inspiration on any subject matter.  You're also leveraging information people want to read.

4. Reorganize Old Content

Very similar to the above idea, reorganizing your old content could mean creating an infographic or video.

5. Review News Updates Regularly in Your Own Industry

A good strategy to take is responding to news topics in your own subject.  Be mindful of being too controversial and using this particular strategy too often.

Tell me your thoughts on blog post inspiration in the comments below.

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